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NEW Internet Linked Books

by Usborne Publishing
a new kind of reference book for the internet generation

Highlighted by Publisher's Weekly, April 2, 2001 

Encyclopedia of World Geography (Internet-Linked)
Series: Geography Encyclopedias
Author: G. Doherty

Ages: 9 years and up
Size of book: 8 1/2 x 11 1/8 inches
Pages: 400

What is an Usborne Internet-linked book?
It is a brand new kind of book containing details of Usborne-recommended Web sites to take you further into each subject in an entertaining and interactive way.
Must I have a computer to use this book?
Absolutely not. This encyclopedia words on its own as an outstanding reference book without using the Internet at all.
Will the Web sites go out of date?
Web sites do change from time to time, so the sites in this book will be regularly reviewed by Usborne researchers. You will find up-to-date direct links to these or alternative sites by going to
Free downloadable pictures.
A selection of images from this book can be downloaded free by going to
What else will I find in this book?
You will find an extensive overview of all aspects of world geography, exploring our unique planet and looking at the relationships between plants, animals, people and the world they inhabit. It includes:
A stunning, modern world atlas with 60 pages of maps
Continent-by-continent accounts of peoples and their culture
Gazetteer of facts about the countries of the world
Stunning photographs and detailed explanatory diagrams




Hardback 0-7945-0108-7 $39.95
Library binding 1-58086-390-6 $47.95


Encyclopedia of Roman World (Internet-Linked)
Series: History Encyclopedias  Author: Bingham, Chamdler & Taplin

Ages: 9 years and up Size of book: 8 3/4 x 11 1/8 inches Pages: 128
Binding ISBN Price  
Hardback 0-7945-0117-6 $19.95
Library binding 1-58086-386-8 $27.95


Usborne Internet-linked Sharks Usborne Internet-linked Birds

A totally new photography and Internet-based series of books on great children's subjects, with recommended Web sites providing links to live video cameras, animations, film clips, practical projects and ask-a-scientist locations.


See ALL the Usborne INTERNET LINKED books!

Internet Linked Reference Books!

Usborne Books + Internet = Unlimited Knowledge!

The Internet is the world's new treasure chest of knowledge and Usborne Internet-linked reference books take you straight to exciting and relevant Web sites that are suitable for children.

In Quicklinks, there are web addresses for further study plus hundreds of pictures from Usborne Internet-linked reference books that you can download, free of charge, for your own personal, non-commercial use.

What happens if a site goes down?

These sites are handpicked & researched for stability (sites from BBC, PBS, Smithsonian, etc.)  Since the unexpected is possible, and for security, each recommended Web site can be accessed quickly and safely via the Quicklinks area of, where the entire list of sites is regularly reviewed and updated.

Must I have a computer to use these books?

Absolutely not. They are outstanding reference books without using the Internet at all

Hundreds of downloadable pictures & illustrations!

The pictures provided in the Quicklinks area of the Usborne Web site may be downloaded to your computer and printed out for your own personal, non-commercial use. For example, students may download pictures to use in a school report or project, and teachers may download pictures for classroom work. The pictures are the copyright of Usborne Publishing Ltd and may not be reproduced in print or in electronic form for any commercial or profit-related purpose.


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